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  • The Anti Fastest Shredding Thread

    by yours truly, the slowest guitarist in the universe. I thought I'd get some support for those of us who are speed challenged, so here's my Neil Young-like tribute from a few years back. Screw those guys who can shred at 600bpm. People like me actually have time to think between notes and even smoke a ciggy or two between Bigsby wanking. Or we can wank between our Bigsby antics. Something like that.

    This video has had 35,000 hits and my site is nearing 400,000. Only 6 people hate it which is cool. They must be the speed freaks, or they just detest the fact that they can't overbend notes for one of those cringe worthy Neil Young moments. 

    Enjoy...or not. Whatever. And then lets get some support going for guys like me whose 50 year old CPU takes the long way around to their phalanges. Got clips, stories or just need someone to listen? You've come to the right place.

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    I think I just had a Neil Young flashback...the good kind.

    Jeff, do you remember what type and guage strings you were using?  I haven't had my Gretsch out in a while and it's about time.  It's currently strung with 11-52 (I think) flat wounds and I never really liked that combo.  Wish I had a little Marshall like yours, but it screams thru my Pro Junior, too.


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      unworthy wrote:


      Jeff, do you remember what type and guage strings you were using?  


      At the time, they would have been RotoSound 11-48 Pure Nickel Round Wounds. I had some expensive Infeld flats on it for awhile, but decided that the rounds sustain better with the way that I'm always leaning on the Bigsby. I've been using Pyramid Pure Nickels light/mediums (10-48) for awhile now.


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    very nice... i've always liked that one


    i miss my gretsch


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      I thought you got fast by playing slow?

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    at ..2.00 Doc .. heals ...

    too bad you live so far away ... we'd be Jah'min
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      Noyce.  I think I had a Chris Isaak moment.  I love chimes.

      And now for something completely different, this is about as fast as I go:

      I've found that if you jump around and do stupid stuff, people don't notice how slow you're going. 

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    O BTW, here's a slow one.


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      Very nicely done. You make every note count and every note speak. Great stuff.


      And i dig the tone and humour of your post. Thumbs up for that.

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