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Progress on guitar and bass builds... Photos.

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  • Progress on guitar and bass builds... Photos.

    Guitars In Progress2s.jpgGuitars In Progress1s.jpgGuitars In Progress3s.jpgBrians Ibby s.jpgAsh RBTele01s.jpgRB Tele10s.jpgMyrtle 5str 1s.jpg

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    Hand built chambered body guitars from exotic woods for the discriminating player...

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    1.  Love the fretboard termination on the bass.

    2.  The "Trussarty" looking Strat is badass.

    3.  What is that thingy at the bottom of the tele?

    4.  All of them look gorgeous.


    • prsguitarman101
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      I like the black tele style w/the chrome.

    • Greg Bogoshian
      Greg Bogoshian commented
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      The thingy at the bottom of the Tele is where it gets mounted to the CNC router jig. It comes off at the end of the secondary operations processes. It also provides reference points for the CNC. Thanks for the comments too!

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    My 1st build.  Warmoth parts. Should be complete soon. Have black gotoh tuners, black FR bridge, & SD '59 humbuckers.  Can't wait to hear it.

    Guitar Colleen.jpg

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