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NGD: '79 Ibanez Artist 2622

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  • NGD: '79 Ibanez Artist 2622

    New vintage guitar day, and my hunt for an old Ibanez Artist is finally over!
    Pictures first!



    She sounds awesome, with those ceramic Super 80 pickups. A rather agressive sound, but very nicely balanced and defined.
    The only thing I don't really like is that she's neck-heavy, so I'll have to get used to that. And the pickups could use wax potting.
    But what a guitar! Sustain!

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    Sweet! I love those old Ibbies.


    • prsguitarman101
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      NGD's are the best...enjoy!!

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    • GreatDane
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      that is drop-dead gorgeous~ congratulations!

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    Happy NGD.


    What do all the switches and knobs do?

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      Kudos and congrats - I love the look of those.

    • JorisBlack
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      The Burninator wrote:

      Happy NGD.


      What do all the switches and knobs do?

      one volume knob
      one switch to turn on active circuit, which is a three-band eq (the three black knobs) and a boost (the other knob)

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    nice. im not a fan of most bursts but thats a good one

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      Really Nice!

      New stuff every day on Gain!


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        My friend has a 2622 of that vintage that's a great guitar.  Congratulations and HNGD!

        I myself own an AR300 - it came with aftermarket bridge and tailpiece but it's a terrific guitar:


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        • mrbrown49
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          Nice! I have a big soft spot for ibby's from that era.   I have a reissue ar250.   Great guitar but not quite the quality of the vintage ones.   Good find. 

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        Huminahumina......... That's hawt! I would love to find one of those for not so "rob you blind" price that most people are demanding these days.


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