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    This plus my hot wife = never leave the bed again!
    Good Deals with:
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      SO WANT!!!
      href="http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=richey+lather" Good deals with: Mister Zero, homestar_kevin, Nomad000, ed_sped2, Jim Hunter, D34dBaWx, Vidiot72, ny300percentcom, bluedevil0204, PumpkinPieces, Silverring233, darkmonohue, diceman1000, sethseth, boonestunes, Shauggy, echobaseone, firebrand, Macelind, BloodBros, michaellambson, SunofNothing, jdpkeeper, sameoldbluesman, Shamdog, WBigsby, Mike Fiasco, Greystoke


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        "It's like a very artistic brick".
        --Johnny Marr

        "They're like a plumber's favorite wrench. They get the job done, and I swear by them."
        --Keith Richards

        My '97 California Fat:
        The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. -- John Kenneth Galbraith


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          Same old pic of my home brewed monster.


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            One of the cheapest, most fun, and best sounding guitars I ever bought.
            ................The REAL Brah

            Good trades/deals with: Fusion1, SOLARPIMP, Lonnie99, twotimingpete, Tupelo Sun, moon shadow, Florbastang, shooter 123, Wolfboy1, almost enough, meowy, ntmo, lovellintn, fulcrumpoint, matt rhoades, kojdogg, cadfael, Daveydude, DaveAronow, Smithshred


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              2008 am standard
              Good trades with DCinDC and Used666

              Originally Posted by Puckman

              Not all music has to be upbeat...Last I checked, half of Zeppelin's repertoire was boring-ass slow acoustic tunes.


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                INTERNET stands for: Inter-connected Network of Tools Endlessly Regurgitating Negatively Energized Tantrums

                My Guitars | ... but can he play? | Currently a Gold Trader +6

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                  I always post this whenever this sort of topic arises, so what the hell, another time won't hurt.

                  Fender '55 Telecaster Relic Chris Fleming Masterbuilt with matching Pro Junior amp.


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                    I only consider 3 of these teles. Although the Peavey Generation has a similar shape, it's something else altogether.
                    SX SEG1STD,KY1 (CUS22,ASH22,STD24),STL50,SST (57,Ash,SE,LTD2),GG1LTD2,GG6CUS,GG7CUS,SJB75C4+1 (fretted,fretless),SJB (2-57,2-62),SPJ62,2-SB301 (fretted,fretless)
                    Douglas Shadow,WRL590,TL100,WOB826,WPB955,2-WPB980
                    Brice Z6 (fretted,fretless)
                    Agile AL2000 (minihum,prail),AL2500 (Albino,12) ,AL3000 (reg,neck-thru)
                    Squier Affinity Tele,Deluxe Jazz V
                    Oscar Schmidt OE40
                    Raven RP450,Yamaha BB404,Switch Signature Wild IV
                    First Act VE591,semi-hollow; PRS SE (Custom, Soapbar II,semi-hollow)


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                        My partscaster:



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                          I only consider 4 of these teles. Although the Peavey Generation has a similar shape, it's something else altogether.

                          Confused here I can only see 4 oke:

                          anyway heres one of mine (needing a polish)


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                            GreatDane, is that off white one a USA standard tele? What year? (mine's an 07... Sort of wishing I'd gone with the maple board when I had the chance)


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                                Currently my only tele. Probably my second project this year is going to be to refinish it in transparent black burst and get a black, gray and white paisley pickguard for it.

                                That's hot.

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