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So I am trading my '73 Musicmaster for an Inspired by Lennon Casino.

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  • So I am trading my '73 Musicmaster for an Inspired by Lennon Casino.

    It's the right choice, right?

    p.s. It won't be that exact one, but one a lot like it. I might put a GraphTech on it and I'll probably RWRP the bridge pickup like I did on my Les Paul but otherwise, keep it stock. These Gibson P90s sound way too good to mess with. When I gigged my Gibson, I was having too much fun just holding notes and hearing them sustain, so I want to have some more of that.

    Basically, I've always loved Epiphone semis and hollows and this one is sort of the cream of the crop as far as I can tell, and though I don't normally listen to blues much, I just adore Gary Clark, Jr.'s tone so I'd like to get something fat and prone to feedback so that I can dime that Vox Normal Channel and get tons of sustain. I hope this does the trick!

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    While I don't know the value of the Musicmaster, I would absolutely rather have te Casino.
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      They're about the same, worth a grand or so.

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      I hope you are getting a little cash with the trade on your end.