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Pickup installation question on 67 SG Special


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  • Pickup installation question on 67 SG Special

    I have one with the big guard that was routed for buckers. I picked up an unmolested guard and ordered some duncan antiquity soapbars, but I completely overlooked the fact that I was going to have to mount the pickups to the guard. From what I understand the original pickups would have been on a dogear base. Am I correct in my assumption that all I need now are some dogear baseplates? I think I found the right ones on mojotone's website, which is a good thing, as I can not seem to find any on ebay. Anyone out there with any relevant experience in a similar situation?

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    Call up Seymour Duncan themselves. They'll be able to help you figure out what to do. They've got a great support staff over there.

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      No dog ears, they are screwed into the body with foam under the pickup to hold it up.