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OT: Who here thinks they own the vehicle with the highest miles???

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  • OT: Who here thinks they own the vehicle with the highest miles???

    Who here thinks they own the vehicle with the highest miles???

    I need make/year/model and mileage.......

    I will start.....

    We keep a 1990 Honda Accord around as a 3rd car beater..... it's showing 216,000 as of now...

    Your turn...

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    1980 Mercedes 240D in 1998 the odometer stopped working with 198,000 plus miles. Probably has 300,000 plus but I can't confirm. :: -- ))
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      My 97 CRV had 210k miles before we finally gave it up last summer.  I'm sure it's not the highest mileage on the boards, but it was a solid, reliable car.

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    Geez, my wife's Subaru isn't even in the running with 190k.

    I have to laugh when I hear people go on about how things were made better in the old days. Maybe some stuff was, but we've forgotten everything that wasn't. Cars used to be utter crap- when I was growing up in the 70s my folks had to buy a new one every 5-6 years since the things would rust through, blow up a transmission, or just plain fall apart. Making it to 100k was an achivement.

    Today? The Subaru is 14 years old and is still ticking along- it burns a little oil and is cranky on cold wet mornings, but I fully expect to get another 3-4 years out of it. When I bought my used Hyundai the dealer threw in a 10 year, 100k mile warranty on a four year old car with 62k miles.

    It's kind of an HCEG story- we all love reading about the beautiful antiques, then go play with the durable, cheap stuff available today.
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