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  • What is this ?

    It's the second time I see one of these (see picture) but nobody is commenting further in the thread. Don't you people get this strange message? I've tried translating via google, but that didn't make much sense. I've reported it too.

    Image_ 2013-02-22 

	<!-- REPLY -->
	<!-- /REPLY -->



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    It's someone spamming their website.  Online translation programs don't work very well, especially if the text you're trying to translate is full of slang and idioms.

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    • GreatDane
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      i report this everytime i see it.  i don't think the mods have figured out how to block or ban members from this site yet since the upgrade.  maybe Frets can chime in and confirm or debunk my theory.

    • dgo ratt
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      we need to get rid of this..

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    Yeah, I think that's the next thing they should iron out on the site
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    Yep,, I posted about Sass Jordan... got this crap as a reply

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      The new site is horrible. Ignore only ignores PMs from people. Reporting threads is pretty much useless. Reported spam and porn posts are still up for all to see. When asked about why spam wasn't being removed a "community manager" in the feedback forum said something like, "We've been banning spammers but we just leave the posts. Do we really need to delete the posts?" These folks are clueless.