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Mittens recorded three more songs. :D


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  • Mittens recorded three more songs. :D

    Here's our Soundcloud! The three tracks at the top are the new ones, obviously. These are still demos so we're not really going for perfection, I think we'll take at least another year to learn our way around things.

    We also made a video on Saturday. I was trying my new Vox out.

    The good news is it sounded great. The bad news is I think my solid states sounded better. But I feel that way any time I play a tubey amp with my band. Hah.

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    Good stuff, Sure looks like you have fun.
    Amp sounded good to me.
    The girl playing rhythm sure holds her pick funny. Looks like shes going to drop it any second.
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      Sounds good. Hella nice rehearsal space. HIC, which one is you? LOL. I always like your stuff.

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    Sounds great! Reminds me a bit of The Magic Numbers.
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      I watched the video.  That sounded tight.  Well done.  The band is really coming along.  

      I have no constructive criticism this time around.  I think you all nailed it. 

      I thought the tremolo tones sounded very warm.  I think your SS amp may have a little bit more bite.  Perhaps, you prefer that bite and find the tube amp too polite.  Regardless, both of the Vox amps I've heard sound fine.

      I have dual SS amps setup over at my brother's house and I do like that rig.  I've always felt like SS clean is a unique vibe that I can't get from my tube amps.  But, I prefer the crunchy sound of my VAC HS15.    

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     Great song! Really nice guitar work!!

    Also, "Little Itch" is very catchy.

    Congrats on some seriously good music. MITTENS TOUR!

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      Not the kind of music I normally listen to, but it sounded good!  The chord progression reminds me a lot of something... maybe a Beatles song?  

      One small critique: the singer doesn't sound very confident with her guitarwork, which kind of throws everything off a little bit since it's so promininent in the song.  For a demo, it's fine.  The bass & drums sound perfect for this type of tune, though.  Very laid back, yet full and not overplaying anything... but not underplaying, either.  I thought your guitar tone was good.  Overall very nicely done, thanks for sharing!

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    Good vid.

    I like your shirt.