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The darkside calls ... cheap offset guitar purchase contemplated.


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  • The darkside calls ... cheap offset guitar purchase contemplated.

    I have not owned a Fender offset and thought I might try one (or two?)

    GC has a nice used Classic Player Jaguar. I liked it well enough to consider buying it.

    With discounting, MF will sell me a new Squier VM Jaguar and a Jazzmaster plus 2 hard cases for the same money. GC had no Squier VM's and only a P90 Squier Modern Player Jazzmaster to try out so I cannot really compare the Jaguars. The Modern Player had 10's (9's maybe) and the CP had some really heavy strings (at least 12's) so they felt completely different.

    Can I assume the CP is 2x the guitar or should I try the Squiers out?  Anyone out there played a VM Jaguar? How does it compare with the Fender Classic Player Jaguar?


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    Two things set the Jaguar classic player apart from ALL others - 1] the tremolo is mounted closer to the bridge providing more/better string break-angle and 2] better/hotter pickups. If neither of those matter to you then the Squier is one hell of a guitar for $299 NIB.



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      I have the CP Jazzmaster, and it's a great guitar. I'd go for the CP Jaguar over two lesser guitars.
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        I think the vintage squier jazzmaster in blonde with the maple board is just amazing looking.  If I were hunting for more guitars, I'd grab one of those!

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      Try out a J. Mascis Squier Jazzmaster.  Pretty sweet for I think $399 new.