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OK Squier Army ........... I WANNA SEE YOUR SQUIERS !!!!!


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  • OK Squier Army ........... I WANNA SEE YOUR SQUIERS !!!!!

    Ok..... lets see em', any year, any collection, and model......if it says Squier on the headstock......I wanna see it....

    Please tell if all stock....or what mods you have done..... let em' rip!

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    This started life as a Classic Vibe Thinline which I picked up cheap cause I loved the body on it. Currently its under a full transformation, 6 saddle Gotoh bridge, 4 way switch, Seymour Duncans and a solid rosewood neck. Since the picture was taken the wiring is all done, just need to reshape the headstock and its finished


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      squier cvc
      fralin stock PUPs
      Fender 52RI everything else (except tuners)

      52RI Tele
      Gibson SG 1970s Tribute
      more stuff:
      65 Twin Reverb Reissue
      Cox Tweed Deluxe Ultimate

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        Is this like an alternate version of the Squier Army thread?

        This is my JV Series Squier. It was my #1 guitar from about 2006 - 2009 and I'd still put it at #3. For about three years, I had it set up as a Gilmour Black strat clone, but I recently put a Fender mint green guard on it so I'd feel like less of a fanboy poseur. It has a Callaham trem with the short arm and the original block saddles. It has Duncan SSL2s and new pots and switch along with the mini toggle that allows for the neck and bridge to be used together. I've had a SSL5 ready to go in the bridge for about a year but just haven't installed it yet. It's currently string up with D'Addario flatwound strings.

        And this is my Squier 51. I had three of them back when they were the rage. I bought this one last year from a local forum member, basically just so I'd have a guitar with a bridge HB and a neck SC. It's pretty much stock except for a BG Vintage 60 in the neck, the GFS block saddles and a new nut. It's my cheapest guitar and I was never really a big 51 fanboy, but I've got to admit, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this guitar and it covers an awful lot of ground for a single guitar, esp considering I have less than $200 in it with the upgrades.

        This one is half Squier. The body is from a 1989 Korean Squier and the neck is from a Fender Highway One. I refinished the body with Krylon 'Celery'. Pickups are GFS Premium Alnico Vs.

        Other Squiers or partial Squiers that are gone, but that I still have in my For Sale folder:

        Another 1989 Squier all stock except for Fender 57/62 pickups.

        My horrifically unattractive Squier Standard. Previous owner did the refinish including 'branding' the body and headstock. I put a Dimarzio Chopper in the bridge and a Duncan STR1 Tele pickup in the neck.

        1994 Korean Bullet. This had a thinner than average (front to back) neck and vintage frets, but a pretty flat radius so it felt pretty unique. It did have a plywood body, but it was lightweight and very resonant. Probably the third or fourth most resonant guitar I've ever owned. I used this as my test bed for new pickups and probably had 5 different sets in it. This was it's last incarnation when it had Rose Buff Beauties. And I'd put a full size trem block in it.

        A Korean Squier Stagemaster, completely stock:

        Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius:

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          And an early 80s Squier Bullet, completely stock.

          Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius:

          "When it comes to gear vs talent I'll be the first to admit that I sit in the Mayor's seat in Poserville."


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              VM Thinline

              Refinished Strat
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                "These riffs were built to last a life time". Keith Richards

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                  It's the only Squier I have left... stock, active PJ pups, all around solid bass

                  However I gutted a CV Tele and put it all in my MIM. Some kind of a Squier hybrid?
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                    IMG_1493 by lsmink

                    Uh...the neck and body are original. Part of the bridge. The nut. that's all.
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                        Originally Posted by Caesar

                        Funny, I just sold my HOG for $420 on ebay. It's a great pedal, but, much like my brain, I only used 10% of it's features.

                        Originally Posted by TravvyBear

                        After many pickup/guard swaps, I thought refinishing it blue would make it sound the best.


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                          Chinese Squier Stagemaster, Ping Floyd, $80 on CL

                          It's gonna be the first guitar I try a re-fret on (after I practice leveling frets with what's already there).


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                            Squire SSH Telecaster.....Xmas present ffrom wife.

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                              My '99 Squier standard Strat, it has red silver and blue Lace Sensors and tremolo from GFS with a big steel block

                              My '01 Squier Standard Strat started life as a double fat Strat with a black pickguard. It now has a Mighty Mite neck, and a loaded pickguard, tuners, roller string trees, and SS saddles from GFS. The bridge also has a big brass block from http://www.killerguitarcomponents.com/. KGC is the only place that sells upgrade blocks for 2-point Squier Strat tremolos.