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Found an awesome new guitar shop in Austin!


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  • Found an awesome new guitar shop in Austin!

    I've driven by this place several times, but decided to stop and check it out today.  Wow, some really cool stuff in there!  They sell a lot of brands that I had not seen in person before.  Trussart, Suhr, plus a whole bunch of others....



    A few pics of some great guitars/amps that I tried out

    This Tele had one of the greatest necks on it that I've ever tried


    This Michael Tuttle Tele was my favorite...amazing action, great neck, great sounding pickups, and the top/back edge was rounded a bit.  Very comfortable.


    All through this AMAZING amp!  Headstrong Princeton type, 25watts...12" speaker...sounded incredible!


    Played a couple of Trussarts...they were okay, but not for the money, IMO.  These other guitars played/sounded better, IMO.  Trussarts certainly had a cool look, though.  If you live in Austin, it's worth a stop.  Owner is from Brazil, and was incredibly helpful.

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    I went there but everything was more than i wanted to spend. the stuff was nice though and the shop was sweet


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      Yeah, they're the first shop I've ever been to that actually sold Turbo Tuners.  Tried one out...it was pretty sweet.  Loved the stuff there, but it wasn't cheap.  The blonde Tele was about $2100, and the red one was about $3000.  Amp that I liked was marked $2100.  Not sure if those were "list" prices, and they would come off of them.  Didn't ask.  Although, all their Fender type stuff really was amazing.  Higher-end cables, as well.  Lava, etc.  Pretty cool place.  Didn't buy anything, though.