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What's the best electric you have ever played that costs less than $300 new

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    Helped a friend buy his first electric guitar - ended up being a blue used Yamaha Pacifica at a local music store for $165!  I said out loud to nobody in particular "I could play a gig with this, no problem."

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      Has to be my Squier VM Thinline Tele. It came with a perfect setup right out of the box. Gave $285 for it w/ gig bag shipped from an authorized dealer. I have upgraded the pickups and pickguard though.

      VM Thinline

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    Rondo music sx furrian tele impostercaster. 110$. Plays like a Dream. I did dump 300$+in pups/parts but the core guitar is a deal. Fabulous neck, alder body with good tone. Outta the box decent enough. Souped up it simply smokes.