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Any Tom Anderson experts around?


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  • Any Tom Anderson experts around?

    I need help with this...



    Do you think it's genuine? The bridge pickup looks like a DiMarzio Fast Track, I am not sure if Anderson ever used these...

    To cut the long story short, I wanna buy this as it's a great price for a genuine Anderson...any help much appreciated!

    "Really the only way you can get good, unless you are a genius, is to copy" Ritchie Blackmore

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    You gotta be kidding me, there isn't even a pic of the headstock! How could you even give it a second glance? That's a big, burning red flag right there...walk away. Aside from that, it looks like a s*h*i*t*t*y homebrew.

    Here are easy to spot issues...

    1.) Neck joint all wrong. TA uses a two-bolt, contoured joint.

    2.) Strap knob not right. TA uses two strap knobs at the tail, each offset from center.

    2.) Top-mounted jack plate. Wrong, TA side jack plates.

    3.) Knobs are too close together. Switch angle wrong. Look at any TA and you'll see how the switch and knobs are cut on all of their guitars. TA, Tyler and Suhr and the rest of the alumni from original Schecter guitar plant all pretty much use the same spacing.

    4.) TOM bridge on a Super-strat. Wrong, with the exception of the Atom, you'll almost never find a TOM bridge.

    5.) What the f*u*c*k is that tail piece? That screams cheap import.

    6.) One of the big selling points of a TA guitar are the pickups TOM winds himself. Not only is the an obvious DioMarzio at bridge, those are not TA pickups at the middle and neck, but generic Strat PU's.

    7.) Pickup routes are too shallow and too large.

    8.) Finally, look at the cheap tuners and string retainer.

    THESE are TA's, compare the details...


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    • budalash
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      @ Wyatt, thank you very much buddy, very impressive!


      The thing is, I don't know anything about Andersons...but I do now


      Once again, you've saved me money and trouble, I am very grateful