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Would it bug you if the serial # were off ....


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  • Would it bug you if the serial # were off ....

    ... on the inspection tag on a new US Fender?


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    not really.  but i wouldnt even know because i would never check something like that.

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    • mschafft
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      Not a problem as long as the guitar plays and sounds like it should.


      I have two of these, th SN is just handwritten...

      The missing SN makes it more unique if you ask me. It's unusual, collectors will love that in a few decades !

    • marymose01
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    Yes it would.
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    • Danhedonia
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      Not handwritten; it's machine-printed on a tag that bears the model, the finish/color, and the intials of the inspector.  In my experience it's part of the guitar, insofar that it is a tangible connection to the Fender factory (Corona, in this case).

      I purchased a(nother) AS Strat and while this is a very, very nice guitar, the people at the local mom and pop who sold it to me definitely do NOT have the original hang tag/case.  It also had the sticker over the trem arm hole removed.

      Which means it's been hanging out in the store awhile, and that's OK with me - but I have a funky weird feeling that my hang tag has another guitar's serial #.

      Honey - I've got friends at FMIC and have no issues with warranty service, but somehow I feel like this is a "break in the chain" of documentation - was that your concern also?