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Tanglewood 12 and 6 twin neck alignment


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  • Tanglewood 12 and 6 twin neck alignment

    I`ve always fancied a twin neck, but can`t justify spending the sort of money on an EDS1275, but found this in a shop recently complete with case and in good condition, I managed to pick it up for 325 quid.  It plays reasonably well through the Marshalls and is to some extent comparable with the Gibsons.  Although I can`t really see me playing live with it, one problem I`ve noticed though is the necks are slightly out of alignment and I`m not sure if this is intentional or now as both necks stay in tune and appear fine, but the lower neck the 6 string is set slightly back from the 12 string neck and I`ve not seen a Gibson EDS to compair, is this normal or do the necks need realigning? 

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    That dosn't sound right I have a EDS1275 and the neck when you look straight on the front the necks are slightly angled away from one another never noticed if ones set into the body different (probably not ).


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      Wow you have a real one, nice.  Thanks for your comment though, I`ll get it checked out, it plays fine for a copy but its more niggling me than anything.  How do you find the balance on these things with the strap on them, mind tends to pull down to the left, I expect its the weight of the necks, or are the Gibson ones properly balanced ?