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help with guitar recognition (ONYX content?)


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  • help with guitar recognition (ONYX content?)

    so, my buddy got this guitar some months ago from his band members dad. he gave it to me to look at, and i couldnt recognize it. it had the name 'onyx' on the headstock, and on the back of the guitar, it says 'made in japan'. the interesting thing about the guitar is that it seems that at one point, the guitar was a neckthru guitar. judging by the little left over piece of wood on the body near the neck, it looks like it was a clean break, and as a result, the neck place was inslatted. its apparently about 30 years old...here are some pics:

    any info on it would be helpful
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    No, that guitar wasn't a neck through. There were a number of similar guitars on the low end of certain lines that had a neck through look like that ie the Aria Pro II Thor Sound/Tri Sound line had the bolt neck TS300 at the bottom end. In fact given the construction there's a good chance that guitar came from the Matsumoku guitar factory like the Aria Pro IIs and Vantages, and probably dates someplace between 1980 and 1983, which is when the neck through and pseudo neck through stuff began to fade away. Does it have a serial number? If so the first or first 2 numbers should be the year ie 812345 would be a 1981 guitar.
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      that's one heavy duty jack cup
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        Some of the HC reviews are from New Zealand

        so the following makes sense...
        "Instruments previously built in Korea during the 1980s. The Onyx trademark was the brand name of an Australian importer. These solid body guitars were generally entry level to intermediate quality. However, the late
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          I have one of these guitars. It is a neck through design. I got it from a buddy for $50 about 20 years ago and threw a used Seymour Duncan pickup in it and did a set up on it. Its my beater and I've played the hell out of it. It might be junk compared to my Strat, but I love it. The electronics are junk but I plan on replacing all that someday