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  • Gibson SG 2013 model

    Anyone have one, or at least played one? The GC in Union Square (Manhattan) doesn't have any in stock, and I'm extremely interested in them.

    60s neck, natty burst, 57 Classic pickups, I'm sold!

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    I have one and love it. I sold one of my oldest guitars (SGGothic) because I liked it so much. I feel like the neck is even a bit thinner than the 60s neck on my LP standard. I love Alnico 2 pickups and this is my first set of 57s. They sound excellent in this guitar. I'm on my ipad so I don't know how to embed pics with it. Here is a link to a few pics of it...

    Good trader/seller: Woody_in_MN, GibsonQC, m90guy, maltomario, drmojoxl, RockinIt, souperman08, Hand Amputation, D-log


    • sxyryan
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      I love the look. I can't wait to get my hands on one. 


      I sold an SG Classic I had, killer guitar but it wasn't quite the one I wanted. The new standards at least look right to me. Hopefully they rock. I miss my Classic on occasion haha. 

    • niceguy
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      gorgeous! that pretty much settles it for me... 60s neck and 57 Classics are enough, but the new finish really clinches it. Last thing I want is a cherry red SG, just like I don't want a sunburst strat