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    1966 Gibson Melody Maker

    "1966 melody maker D (2 pick up config). This guitar is all original with pot codes from 1966 and an 800XXX serial number ... it all ads up to one of the earliest SG body styles made in PELHAM BLUE! Look at how clean this baby is back and front. All solder joints and pots ... pick ups, tuners vibrato et al are 100\% with the exception of a later hard shell case. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. It weighs in at an even 7 lbs. These little babies sound great with a little crunch to the sound and make for a fun little rocker!"


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    I would rawk that    Yes!

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    • tim gueguen
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      I'd like that, especially in that colour.

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    Though I love Gibsons, the skinny Melody Maker headstock just turns me off. Still would grab it off the wall to check it out, though.
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    • LeftyTom
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      Methinks the pickguard is quite hideous.  Otherwise,  a nice guitar.

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    Pelham blue FTW!


    • jtr654
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    I like the looks of SGs, I like pelham blue guitars...but hate to play SGs, don't like the looks of the trem, can't imagine it would sound good with those pickups, so no.


    • larry50
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      All in all, meh.

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    I very much like it!
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      Drop in a set of P90's and I'd rock that.  I've gone off Gibson-style guitars recently, though. 

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