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What 10 songs from the 1980's are your favorites ????


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  • What 10 songs from the 1980's are your favorites ????

    Some say 80's music sucked..... others argue it's by a country mile the best decade for music ever thanks to hair metal and a large helping of Brit & American pop...... either way, if you had to choose your favorite 10 songs from this decade, any genre, what would they be?



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    Here be a fabulous song from the 80's,



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      Here's a few

      Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police
      Goldilox - King's X
      Frame by Frame - King Crimson
      Take on Me - A Ha
      Kayleigh - Marillion
      Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
      Jump - Van Halen
      Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
      Money for Nothing - Dire Straits

      Really, my favorite 80s music is King's X, King Crimson, The Police, and occasionally Van Halen. Soundgarden has some stuff in the 80s, and I'm a big fan of them. I don't like that much hair band stuff, I prefer 80s pop over rock most of the time. I could just pick 10 King's X songs from their first two albums, and you'll pretty much have my most listened to 80s list.
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      • BydoEmpire
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        Tough to pick 10 songs from an entire decade - top 10 albums would be easier.  Not my favorite decade for music, but there was a ton of great stuff. In no particular order:

        Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love - SRV (my favorite SRV slow blues)

        Rude Mood - SRV (classic SRV instrumental)

        Call It Sleep - Steve Vai (one my favorite early Vai tunes)

        Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits (gotta have some Mark Knopfler on here, going with the obvious classic)

        Black Star - Yngwie Malmsteen (had to pick one song off Rising Force)

        Master of Puppets - Metallica (gotta have at least one Metallica song here, too)

        Hot for Teacher - Van Halen (hard to pick one VH tune, but this is so recognizable.  1984 is such a great album).

        On The Turning Away - Pink Floyd (great song from a great album)

        Always With Me, Always With You - Joe Satriani (a instrumetnal rock classic)

        Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2 (not a huge U2 fan in general, but Joshua Tree is an amazing album).


      • Special J
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        This is tough. Struggling over retrospect vs. what were my favorites back then. It was such a rich time for so many genres of music. Off the top of my head and in no particular order:


        Van Halen - Everybody Wants Some

        Peter Gabriel - Big Time

        Metallica - Battery

        Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast

        Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

        Faith No More - The Real Thing 

        U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

        The Police - Walking on the Moon

        Fugazi - Waiting Room

        Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size

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      One of the greatest questions ever posed :P.....hmmm.....

      Def Leppard - Another Hit And Run
      Rush - Red Barchetta, Between the Wheels
      Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien, Crushing Day
      Iron Maiden - The Trooper
      AC/DC - Shake a Leg
      Judas Priest - Electric Eye
      Yes - It Can Happen
      Accept - Balls to the Wall
      Alice Cooper - Clones
      Van Halen - House of Pain
      Winger - Seventeen
      Ratt - Lay it Down
      Ozzy - Crazy Train
      Honeymoon Suite - Feel it Again
      Cheap Trick - She's Tight, Reach Out
      Whitesnake - Crying in the Rain
      ZZ Top - Pearl Necklace

      Dio - Holy Diver

      Blue Murder - Blue Murder

      ....at least six dozen others


      Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out
      Saga - On the Loose
      The Fixx - Red Skies at Night
      Genesis - Keep It Dark, Abacab
      Peter Gabriel - Your Eyes
      Cindi Lauper - Time after time
      Level 42 - Something About You
      The Outfield - Your Love
      Saga - Conversations
      Peter Gabriel - I Have the Touch
      Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants to Change the World
      The Police - Every Breath You Take
      Lindsey Buckingham - Trouble
      Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive
      Prince -Little Red Corvette

      Steve Miller - I Wanna Make the World Turn Around

      Heart - How Can I Refuse

      Journey - City of the Angels (whata great forgotten gem this was!)


      Ten only was obviously not gonna cut it


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        For Those About To Rock ACDC
        Number of the Beast Iron Maiden
        Wasted Years Iron Maiden
        I Want You To Want Me Cheap Trick
        My Sharona The Knack
        Ice Cream Man Van Halen
        Land Down Under Men At Work
        Tom Sawyer Rush
        The Sentinel Judas Priest
        Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne
        Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath

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        • slvrsrpnt
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          I had a slightly different version of the 80's than most.  I liked the heavier of the heavy metal and not the hair stuff seen by the masses.

          1.  Slayer - Captor of Sin

          2.  Metallica - Trapped Under Ice

          3.  SOD - March of the SOD/Seargant D

          4.  Mentors - 4 F Club

          5.  Mercyful Fate - Come to the Sabbath

          6.  Destruction - Release From Agony

          7.  Wargasm - Undead

          8.  Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell

          9.  Ozzy Osbourne - SATO

          10.Motorhead - Rock and Roll


          There are quite a lot more, but these just rolled off the old head.

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        Actually quite a difficult one, because I used to think thta musically, the 80s sucked, but thats only when compared to the 70s, so I'm going to do a complete guitar band/rock band free favourite 10


        Duran Duran  - Ordinary World

        Duran Duran - Wild Boys

        Franke Goes to Holllywood - Power of Love

        Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

        Visage - Fade To Grey

        David Bowie - China Girl

        Eurythmics - Who's that Girl

        Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

        A-Ha - Take On Me

        Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart


        On the whole the 80s belonged to Duran Duran, Level 42, Annie Lennox and Madonna

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        • Dr. Scottie C
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          Ratae Coritanorum wrote:



          On the whole the 80s belonged to Duran Duran, Level 42, Annie Lennox and Madonna

          Biily Joel, Culture Club, and Michael Jackson each had a pretty good market share of the 80's..... in the U.S., Level 42 was a one hit wonder.

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        Great question.


        In no particular order:  

        Scorpions - Still Loving You


        SRV - Tin Pan Alley


        Zebra - Tell Me What You Want


        Dio - Holy Diver

        Saga - Wind Him up

        Whitesnake - Love Ain't no Stranger


        Queensryche - I Don't Believe in Love


        Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' for You


        Robert Cray - Dont be Afraid of the Dark

        George Benson - Give me the Night

        Metallica - Master of Puppets


        There're a thousand otheres, but those are the first ones that leapt to mind.

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        • docjeffrey
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          Prince--Delerious/Cream/Little Red Corvette/Purple Rain--I can't decide. He was rockin' like a mofo back then!
          Richard Thompson--Wall of Death
          Dylan--Slow Train Comin'
          U2--Bullet the Blue Sky
          John Lennon--Watching the Wheels
          Jackson Browne--Lives in the Balance
          Little Steven and the Desciples of Soul-- I am a Patriot
          Bruce Springsteen--No Surrender (live from the 75-84 collection)
          Pink Floyd--Comfortably Numb (live from Is There Anybody Out There)
          Tom Petty--Free Falling

          And anything from Sandinista by the Clash!