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  • Carvin V3M ..in Europe


    I am a guitar player from Eastern Europe, convinced by experience, that the only quality audio gear nowadays (and into he past as well) is produced in the US. No other European or Asian(let's don't kid ourselves) gear maker never gets near the quality of sound of a good US made product, e.g.. Marantz in HIFI audio, or Carvin in guitar gear. I have waited and asked at least 50 friends, to bring me a Carvin amp head...and had poor luck, I had to wait almost one and a half year, to get finally a 3VM amp head, buyed and brought to me form San Diego. Really great amp, as expected. If I consider, that the Carvin seller would have sent me gladly the amp for 900 Eur(+VAT+TAxes), my friend could buy it right there for 510 Euros, and no tax. Quite a difference, huh? Anyway, I am really pleased with the quality of the sound, and the manufacture of this amp...but really disappointed in the policy of Carvin..I couldn't even register my product, because the site allows only US and Canadian users... no reply on my email addressed to "Carvin international" either, probably because I am too far to create any warranty or service issues, and once I payed for it, nobody cares anymore..I tend to do the same, and be glad of using a high quality amp, which sounds the same as a Mesa or Vox off a really different price range, just pointing out, the lack of responsibility of an otherwise brilliant company. 

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    They answered, and I am all registered now. The first official user from Transylvania. 


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      Welcome. My family tree has roots in Transylvania.