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Bought a New Gibson Government Explorer for $799


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  • Bought a New Gibson Government Explorer for $799

    I really didnot need another New Guitar Anywayss I was looking at the Gibson Government Guitars. I really didnot want the Les Paul or the SG or flying V since I bought them a few months ago in other colors. Anywaysss I saw the Explorer and thought the Gray was not a bad color since I just bought a Charcoal gray Strat that looked good and felt this color cannot be that bad. And checking out that it has Dirty Fingers pickups and a Reallll rosewood fingerboard(Not baked Maple} along with a hardshell case and limited that I felt for $999 with a 20% off coupon at MF gave me the guitar for $799 with free shipping. I see a few say that the Les Paul is a Studio and what about the others? If they are also studios I am sure they will be top of the line studios? But for $799 I think I got a decent deal and have bought enough guitars till Xmas of 2013....JT
    MF coupon PREZDAY99 for 20% off is expired but they still took it and sure Most still can use it
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    very cool!


    • Morganbich
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      Looks like a real Historic Gibson!


      sold out already will be collectable will see if MF has any left..