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New Custom Ordered Amp Day!!

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  • New Custom Ordered Amp Day!!

    I bought a custom-order Krank Chadwick from Guitar Centers used page (seriously crazy deals) for a STUPID low price. NOS tubes, hand signed by Tony Krank. There are some mods on the amp that I'll photograph when I get time later today, as well as hopefully a sound sample and better pics.





    It's not what you'd normally associate Krank with. It's got an absolutely beautiful channel, and a fantastic Overdrive channel that really lets the dynamics of my guitars shine through. I play only Fenders with single coils, and it really retained the chime I wanted while keeping some British grind.


    I've owned some great amps in my short life here, 2 vintage Marshalls (71 super lead and a 78 red JMP), Voxes, a /13, a Morgan, countless vintage Fenders, and this amp keeps up with the rest of them. I'm not going to lie and say this is some kind of holy grail amp for me, but I got a FANTASTIC amp at a stupid low price, and I'm really happy with this purchase and don't see myself needing to get rid of it anytime soon, unless I can make a profit. This thing is abosulutely MASSIVE and sounds killer. Can't wait to play it more and tell you about it.



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    That's awesome, congrats.  Nothing cooler than a custom amp.  Love to hear clips some time.

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      Nice one!  Can't wait to hear more about it, mods and specs would be good to know.