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Any opinions on the GFS neovin tele pickups?

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  • Any opinions on the GFS neovin tele pickups?

    Im thinking of getting either the pure or hard vintage pickups... I have a fender champ 600 i will use it with. i want to be able to overdrive my amp but still have plenty of clean head room as well. I have an eq pedal to boost with. any opinions? I cant find reviews anywhere for the pickups. If they suck then what other noiseless or less noisy pickups would you suggest? maybe Jay could put his opinion in on this?


    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, im new here and still finding my way around.

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    While I haven't tried the neovins, out of all the other noiseless, Dimzarzio seem to me to be the best, apart from shelling out $300+ for Kinmans.

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      Neovins are terrible at sounding vintage, but they're decent pickups. I've used some before, I'd use them again if I wanted something a little thicker and muted.

      Dimarzio Area T is great, though. I have a set. Use a 4-way switch and you'll be set.