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what are you playing tonight?

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  • what are you playing tonight?


    i recently picked up this '08 PRS Hollowbody with upgraded 57/08 pickups as a birthday gift to myself, and was totally into it tonight for a couple hours.  it is punchy and snappy as heck and inspires me to play in a slightly different way (a little more non-linear).  i love it.  

    how about you?

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    Nothing tonight, but I played this one earlier today.


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    Hold mah beer an' watch this!


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      Flatspotter wrote:

      Nothing tonight, but I played this one earlier today.


      is that a breedlove?  i played several of those on my recent acoustic search.  very nice guitars. very consistent high build quality, IMO.

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    I'll be going to a jam tonight and will be playing my Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport with MM90s and a solid rosewood neck, into my Fender Deluxe Reverb RI. I'll have my guitar plugged into the vibrato channel and my Shure green bullet plugged into the normal channel.


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    I had band rehearsal so my Strat came out to play.  That's the one that everyone tells me to "keep playing."


    Our singer has been asking us to raise the keys on several songs, which call for open strings so I use my Tele as backup/capo guitar.

    BTW, this is a homebrew job a buddy made for me, with BG pickups, a Warmoth Fatback neck and Callaham hardware.

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