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Hot or Not? February 27th


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  • Hot or Not? February 27th


    Electra X320 MPC

    "This guitar starts off as a GREAT Japanese LP copy. It is right after the "lawsuit" era so it has the "wave" headstock with the large inlaid "peace sign" logo - SUPER COOL!
    A few things set this apart from other great Japanese copies of that era. This one is in AMAZING condition - it looks almost new with only a few minor dings and the gold is worn on the hardware. It also has that brass nut from that era. I think these were closer to a wine color when new but this one has a lighter color close to a red. It is CRAZY clean for a guitar that is older than many people on this forum. You NEVER find these in this kind of condition. It could almost pass for new.
    These guitars are not CRAZY heavy like the Les Pauls were of that era, and it is acoustically fairly dynamic and loud for a LP style guitar.
    It also has slots for those unique 70s MPC FX modules. Each guitar holds two, with one control and an on/off switch on the front of the guitar for each module and a master volume and tone control. I have collected these and this is about as fine as I have seen - ever. All teh electronics fully work, and I have modules available separately for it (phase, flanger, or overdrive - not included but can be purchased).
    The quality is every bit as good or better than most guitars of that era, including Yamaha and Ibanez. Everything about this guitar is quality. So it is great if you like a good Les Paul, if you like a great Japanese guitar, or if you like a unique collectible guitar with the ability to have built in FX! It comes with a non-original hardshell case."
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    Um, the knob layout looks weird, but sure!
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        I like it purely for nostalgia's sake.
        Those were pretty darn good guitars.


        • BydoEmpire
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          Headstock is a little funky, but it's still cool as hell.  Hot!

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        The body is beautiful, but the knobs weird me out. Like a pretty girl with strange nipples.


        • photon9
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          Definitely not.

        • lz4005
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          The EAKLE wrote:

          The body is beautiful, but the knobs weird me out. Like a pretty girl with strange nipples.


          Those are the best. They have issues that make them try harder.

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        But I like that they tried something different ...


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          Not for me.


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            If it plays as nicely as the blurb suggests, then hell yeah.  I've always thought the truest test of a guitar was how it plays.


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            • GreatDane
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              Alecto wrote:

              If it plays as nicely as the blurb suggests, then hell yeah.  I've always thought the truest test of a guitar was how it plays.


              totally.  if the guitar doesn't play well, then it ain't worth ****************.

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            Uhh.... Not.


            • xrleroyx
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              Vintage Firebird X?

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            This is one of those only hot if you don


            • Pine Apple Slim
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              The swoopy headstock, the peace sign, and the effects modules are just nostalgia. Hot to me cause I was there when these were around. But IME these things were really well put together. Solid LP copies with nice necks.