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New Guitar Day for Me!!!!! check this out!


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  • New Guitar Day for Me!!!!! check this out!


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    This is one of the new Danelectro DC-59 guitars with the alligator finish, they just unveiled these at NAMM13.:manhappy:


    • larry50
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      Love it.  

    • axegrinder
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      Normally I'm not a fan of Danos, but that guitar is cool beans!!

    • Pine Apple Slim
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      Did they kill a Nauga to make those?
      Looks cool as hell. Id try it for sure. I have just never gotten on with any of the reissues Ive tried. They all felt to me like too much work to get them to play nice. Sharp fret ends, poorly cut nut, or some other set up or electronic niggle. Something that made me put it down and not spend the money.

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    Spider-man, Spider-man


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      HNGD!  Are these made in Korea or still in China?

      I love my MiK DC-12 but I haven't liked any of the MiC Danelectros.  The quality on these looks slightly better so I'm interested again.


      Happy New Guitar Day!


      Kate Upton

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      • Danoman
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        these are Made in Korea

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      That definitely looks cool. HNGD!
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      • Marko
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        Way-cool.   .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

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      That's neat; lives up to your name.  I guess they do have orange Gators in Gainseville.


      And as for that girl depicted above: that is one long torso.  So long she doesn't even have hips.  It's like they gave up waiting for her torso to end ...