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  • Dimarzio DP 160 Norton

    I've been a fan of Dimarzio pickups for about 20 years and have tried quite a few of them. Every one of them had a certain something that I really liked. Fred has awesome harmonics but just not quite hot enough. The Tone Zone was thick and heavy but the bottom end was a little too loose. The Evolution killed but was a little too bright in the top end. So after a little research on the Dimarzio site and some solid advice from a Dimarzio tech, I ordered a Norton DP160. For me and the style of music I play, everything from classic rock to hard rock to power metal and even some funk, the Norton delivers. Incredibly cool harmonics, warm lower mids, nice top end that's not brittle and a very tight bottom end. Loud and powerful but not TOO hot. Sustain galore and awesome drive in just the right frequencies. Combined with the Paf Joe in the neck, this is the best pickup combination I've ever tried.

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    i have the Air version in the bridge of an Ibanez RG. great pickup that matches really well with a PAF in the neck. i'm actually looking for another Air Norton right now for the neck slot of another guitar. 

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