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    So here is what I got. I have a plain ol Fender Squire Strat that I have had for several year and am ready to upgrade. I was planning on just buying a new guitar, but after talking to a few people have gathered that my guitar is fine, and the cheapest and yet most effective thing to do is just replace parts without buying a whole new guitar. Brief bio, I played little classic rock licks (sweet child o mine, thunderstruck, back in black, crazy train) as a beginner, then finally branched out into more numetal which I have been playing as of the last 2 years. I play songs by bands such as August Burns Red, Bullet For My Valentine, Devil Wears Prada, Veil of Maya, etc. What I want in a guitar: I have a friend who has an Ephiphone Explorer with the 2 double humbucker. His pickups are crazy sensitive and are especially useful for artifical harmonics and such. I also want to be able to throw in dive bombs (up and down) so a different bridge will probably be in order. I'm definitly going to need to replace the tuning hardware as well. 

    Basically I need opinions on what I should do. Buy a new one or fix up the one I have? If buy new, what guitar? If fix up, what parts to buy?

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    It depends on your budget. If it were me, and I had say $500+ I'd keep the Strat as-is and buy a new guitar with the features you're looking for. I'd go to a local shop and play a bunch of guitars and see if you like them as much as your guitar. That will give you a better idea.
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      Keep your Squier as-is. It sounds like you want a super Strat and there are many out there at reasonable prices. Check out 80's Kramers, Jackson/Charvel, ibanez, etc. As you start to play more you'll want a backup guitar anyway. Your Squier can serve that role.


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        Just got a Jackson. Still want to fix up the strat though. What pickups and stuff should I buy?

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      Before replacing pickups, I would replace the bridge (at least the saddles) and trem block, and nut.
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        Bro Blue wrote:
        Before replacing pickups, I would replace the bridge (at least the saddles) and trem block, and nut.

        That's a good idea.  Also have a look at the wiring.  I don't know if the wiring on MiJ's were dodgy but it's worth an upgrade.

        As far as pickups go, I'd suggest a vintage-voiced set of pickups that can still handle distortion.  You can't go wrong with Fender's 57/62 set, Seymour Duncans or HCEG's very own Norcal_Gtr, who runs BG pickups.  I've been very satisfied with the 3 pickups I bought from him (a P90, plus a calibrated HS Tele set), his V60 set is on my lust list and, last time I checked, he offered a discount to HCEG forumites.