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ALVAREZ DANA: Rare SOLID BODY Alvarez Electric - $275 + shipping


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  • ALVAREZ DANA: Rare SOLID BODY Alvarez Electric - $275 + shipping



    Find the photos here:

    Hard to find one of these at all, in anywhere near this shape...only made between '94 and '96, when St. Louis Music (yes, the parent of Ampeg and Crate at the time) commissioned these from Cort's Korean facility. Designed by Dana Sutcliffe, creator of the Dana Scoop, NAMM's "Guitar of the Year" back in 1992.

    This is NOT:
    * a Scoop (although the radical cutaway gives full access to all 22 frets)
    * the cheaper Dana II
    * the TriForce model ( a "triple humbucker" - an example of the later electronics chosen by Alvarez which Dana himself hated so much, he parted ways with the company and took his name with him)

    This IS an original model Dana, serial #4147xx.
    Do the research and see what Dana's are going for at the online auctioneers...this is a great deal, and local.

    The best detail I could find from a couple of years ago when I researched this purchase, from one of the used instrument price sites on the web:

    * Alvarez Dana AED 280 BP: Blue Pearl finish
    * Humbucker/Single Coil/Humbucker (seller's note: the bridge HB has a vibrant Zing!...ready to oscillate at the slightest breath...HOT! The neck HB is rich and begging for chorus/rotovibe etc. The single coil middle pickup will give you all the Texas twang you could want! :-)
    * Solid Alder body
    * Bolt on one-piece maple neck
    * Rosewood fingerboard w/pearl dot inlays
    * 3 on a side tuners
    * Double locking Floyd Rose licensed tremolo, 3-spring
    * 1 volume/2 tone controls with acrylic speed knobs
    * 5 way switch.
    Mfg 1994-1996
    Last MSRP $635
    Resale $365 (Excellent) - $125(Poor)

    Had enough of sounding like everyone else's Epi/Squire etc.? Like to try a genuine Alvarez for your OWN identity? Great looker, great feel, AWESOME sound and a distinct voice.
    Priced right in the middle of the resale range...minor buckle rash on vibrato cover area....currently no bar for the "whammy".
    Genuine interest only.

    ...oh....and we don't really have to say no lowball, no scam, please do include a phone number, etc...unless you were determined to have the e-mail end up in the trash?


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    I realize we don't have to say, 'no lowball, no scammers', but can we say YOU'RE POSTING IN THE WRONG SPOT and YOU SHOULD HAVE READ THE RULES AFTER YOU SIGNED UP TO POST YOUR SPAM?

    Just wondering...

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