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  • Hot or Not? March 5th


    Dismal Ax Road Dog Explorer

    Up until now, the Road Dog series has consisted of Tele-style guitars with license plate pickguards, but when a request for an Explorer shaped ax with something interesting to fill the large expanse of body behind the bridge, the challenge was happily accepted by George at Dismal Ax.

    The body is Sassafras, with a one piece Poplar barnwood top, sanded down below the grey weathering. The neck is Maple and Walnut, with a Black Locust fretboard. The pickup is a Porter classic humbucker modified with an Alnico 2 magnet after deciding the Alnico 5 it came with was a bit too thin sounding in the lower range. The pickguard was made from a piece of aluminum sheeting that must have come from the inside of an old industrial cooler or freezer unit. The primary feature of course is a hood emblem from a 1958 Buick Special, set into a round recess in the body.

    The headstock shape was based on the one that was originally planned for the Gibson Explorer in the late

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    Good Lord that

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    • BydoEmpire
      BydoEmpire commented
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      I kind of like it... except for the headstock.

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    Not.  In fact, I'd say it's a bit dismal.


    • Tone Deaf
      Tone Deaf commented
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      "Points" for creativity, but not for me.

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    And the light-colored fretboard looks out of place on a design like this ...


    • hardtdc
      hardtdc commented
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      For some reason, I find that to be cool as ****************! And I don't know why?

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    • Marko
      Marko commented
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      It would be more cool imo if the junk that was put on it made for some kind of a theme.

      Car emblem, freezer lining, whatever that knob is, they just don

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    Aside from the Explorer shape, not much to like.


    • Hubert Stumblin
      Hubert Stumblin commented
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      I think it's just about the coolest Explorer ever.

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    Like the concept but not the execution.  Not hot.

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    • larry50
      larry50 commented
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      Extremely.  Not.  Hot. 

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    UGH. Not my cup of tea.

    Though I have read that sassafrass is a pretty lively and stable tonewood.


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