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1965 Gibson Melody Maker


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  • 1965 Gibson Melody Maker

    I posted a picture before but my thread got lost in the transition.


    Melody Maker

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    One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it.
    Three chords and you're into jazz
    - Lou Reed

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    Sweet!  Closest I have to that is a 68-ish Kalamazoo KG 2-A, and this Series 10, which is a really nice guitar for a cheapie! I also had an 86 RI MM that was red. -Adam

    Series 10

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    • fuzztone
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      Very cool,thanks for posting a picture,I never saw one before.

      I am a big fan of Melody Makers. The last one I had was a 2003


      Les Paul Melody Maker



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    I had a 1980 Melody Maker from 1980-86 (traded it for an '83 Stratocaster). It was a nice guitar:

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      fuzztone wrote:

      I posted a picture before but my thread got lost in the transition.


      Melody Maker

      Sweet. From the few clips I've heard they're sorta the most Tele of Gibsons. Or Esquire in this case. Would you agree?

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        Great guitar! Here's my '65:

        65 Melody Maker

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