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Dear God, it IS the world's ugliest guitar!


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  • Dear God, it IS the world's ugliest guitar!

    ... and in my neighborhood!  I'm thinking of offering $20 just to look at it and have my picture taken with it.  It's THAT ugly:




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    The finish is definitely a matter of taste. Totally not-me, but a few here will like it.
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      I've owned uglier.

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     if thats what you call "ugly" 


     then you havn't seen anything yet.


    • docjeffrey
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      Pfffft. Not even close!

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    Do a photosearch for Kay Solo King.  Way uglier.

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    • Danhedonia
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      Yes, I've seen the Zoot Suit(s).  :: ducking ::  I kinda like 'em.

      Still think that Ibanez looks like Carl Sagan vomited all over Paul Lynde after a parking lot date ... just hideous. 

      The Solo King is indeed barf-worthy!  However, I think of it as a different type of ****************ty - it wanted to be "offbeat and different," and instead looked like a bad collision of formica kitchen counter and late 50's era blender.

      That Ibanez thinks it's hawt.  And dear Jesus, it's uglier than Pete Burns after all the platic surgery.

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    I dunno, I almost think it's cool.
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    • gardo
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      when I was a teenager I decided my beat up guitar needed paint. I sprayed the body with yellow enamel which I didn't like so I sprayed black over the yellow without letting the yellow fully cure. The yellow bled through the black and gave it kind of a green marble effect . It was so bad that it almost began to go full circle and look good again. That was ugly

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    Definitely in the top 20

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    • mschafft
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      Pretty cosmic, with an 80s vibe done with 70s painting techniques.

    • Kid Klash
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      I'm not a fan of that particular model and style of guitar, but I love the finish.  If fender offered a similar finish on a reasonably priced Strat and Tele with all maple necks, I think they'd sell a bunch of them.

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      I've seen a lot worse.

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      • ArKay
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        You guys haven't seen much  Really.