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Hot or Not? March 6th


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  • Hot or Not? March 6th


    Ian Anderson Standard
    This guitar weighs 8 LBS 7 OZs. and plays/sounds great. The neck is a shaped like a medium size
    1959 Gibson neck. It has a Brazilian board/head stock overlay, Waverly G-98s (instead of Klusons) a tortoise pick guard guard but also comes with an extra
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    Love it, super hot.  Combines the LP & tele aesthetics very well.

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    • Pine Apple Slim
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      Loks nice and well made and all, but nah. Not hot to me. To much a LP without actually being an LP.

    • The Rover
      The Rover commented
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      Hot. A Tele-shaped Les Paul. Whats not to like? :cathappy: 

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    An Ian Anderson Standard is my dream guitar, but this color/pickup combination is less-than-stellar ...


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      • Marko
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        I think it

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      Very hot!
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      • lz4005
        lz4005 commented
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        I would have named this guitar Tranny Surprise.

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      I'm all over that guitar like flies on **************** !

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        • billybilly
          billybilly commented
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          Hot but with no belly contour I'd give it a miss.

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        Like the Throbaks, the Waverlys and the bridge, I'd lose the rest

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        • MephitBlue
          MephitBlue commented
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          Hot.  I'm not sure about the tuners, but overall the guitar looks great.  IT combines two of my favorite guitar shapes, Tele and LP.

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        Hot, but could eventually become annoying after you've repeatedly explained why it's not a Les Paul and not a Tele.
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