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  • Epiphone SG Pro

    I found this Epiphone at a local Big Box Store

    SG Pro1.jpg

    SG Pro 2.jpg

    The beveled edge's are deeply cut

    SG Pro 5.jpg

    Razor Sharp Horns! Cut Deep and True!...like a '62

    SG Pro 4.jpg

    The spacer between neck and pickup is cut Proper! Look at That

    this guitar is manufactured in Indonesia. I like the look. Wow!

    I like how this guitar is made with a Pure '62 vibe ..and I have been looking for an Epiphone SG with this type of detail that I know they can achieve and finally someone did just that.

    Maybe we can leave it stock?

    it looks and feels Great!. Can't wait to own it (on layaway)

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    Nice find. Enjoy


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    Nice! Compare with my '03:

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      The people on the SG forum seem to really like those. I would love to grab one myself.

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    I have an '08 Epi SG, and I find it to be a very nice guitar indeed. Getting tired of the GFS Dream 90s in there, though. Gotta get some different pickups for it.
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