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Thinking of replacing my Jackson Soloist


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  • Thinking of replacing my Jackson Soloist

    I've owned my Soloist SL2H for about a year now, but within that year my love for it has gone down the drain. I don't enjoy playing it anymore. It actually has to be repaired too, something's wrong with the ground in the volume control knob. Luckily it's covered by the warranty at Sam Ash. 

    While I was at Sam Ash, I decided to go play a few guitars while they were taking a look at mine. I saw this one Ibanez (specifically the RG920MQM) and took it off the wall and hooked it up. After a few minutes I felt extremely comfortable playing it, more comfortable than I ever felt with my Jackson. The action was adjusted quite nicely, the pickups sounded great, and I was able to move very fast on the fretboard.

    By this point, the only thing that's any nicer on my Soloist is that it's neck through construction. The Ibanez is of course bolt on, but you can barely tell! The only reason why I'm having a tough decision on this is because I end up switching gear quite frequently. I feel like I won't be comfortable with anything for a decent amount of time. But for the first time in a while, I felt right at home playing that guitar. I felt good when I first picked up the Jackson in that same store, but this felt much different. It felt like real happiness instead of being content.

    I just want some personal opinions from other users on the forums on how I should handle this. Thanks!

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    Personally I prefer bolt-on over neck-through.  I think it's a subjective choice and I'm not sure why it's mentioned as being superior in many places.

    Anyway, if you don't love what you have, do the trade.  But only you can decide.  I have sold a bunch of guitars and amps over the years that I would love to get back.

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      I'm sort of interesed in trading it in at Sam Ash


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        I didn't get to finish that post. Stupid phone. I got it there used for $700 so I can't imagine getting a lot back by trading it in. I'm really interested in the Ibanez though....


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          Just bumping this up because I would be interested to see a few more opinions. Oh, and I mixed up the models. I actually own a SLAT3-6.


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            I had my Soloist for 15 years and probably would have kept it but it was undeniable that what replaced it was better.

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            That's what replaced the Soloist and though it is similar it's noticeably superior.  It's also neckthru.  But that wasn't the main reason I traded a longtime guitar in.

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              What guitar is in the picture you posted, it looks pretty nice!

              And I'm assuming your post means I should follow my heart? The only reason I feel weird getting a different guitar after a year is because I haven't even had it for that long. I feel sort of guilty myself because of that.