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  • Hot or Not? March 9th

    Veillette Gryphon Electric 12
    What is a Veillette Gryphon?

    -It's a 12-string, short scale guitar that's tuned D-D, equivalent to the 10th fret of a standard guitar.

    -It's unison-tuned, mandolin-like chime with no learning curve - play it like a guitar, and sound like a mandolin, Cuban tres, or bouzouki.

    -It's an inspiration machine! You WILL play something new and different on a Gryphon...it's almost impossible not to!

    Gryphons are on stages all over the world, with players ranging from Dave Matthews to Neal Schon, James Taylor to David Torn, and Colin Hay to Keller Williams.
    This Gryphon was a prototype for our new trapeze tailpiece design. It features an incredible AAA burl walnut top over a poplar body, and maple neck with a wenge fingerboard.

    The Duncan Vintage Rails pickup blends with an undersaddle piezo in the wooden bridge, mixing with a customized D-Tar preamp with Volume, Blend, and Tone controls. Go from acoustic shimmer to Vox-Phantom-like sparkle and punch with a quick twist of the blend knob.
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    I would take it for a spin, sure. Looks like it could open up my music to some unique directions.
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      Not.  That's not even a guitar ...


      • larry50
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        I've played one, and I heard Jimmy Dillon play one against a mandolin. 

        Incredible instrument.  Sounds like heaven. 

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      I'd love to try that out.  Looks like it would be tons of fun to play.  HOT

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      • Marko
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        All kindsa hot, and cooler than a mofo...


        I'd love to get my hands on that !

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      Looks cool for the right person or situation, but I have no idea what I would do with such a thing.
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      • larry50
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        photon9 wrote:
        Looks cool for the right person or situation, but I have no idea what I would do with such a thing.

        It can be used in lieu of a mandolin in most situations.  Same vibe, not exactly the same, but plays like a guitar. 

        I heard Jimmy Dillon play one in a duet with Lorin Rowan on mandolin. It was incredible.  Dillon and Rowan also played a duet with Rowan playing a 1941 D-18 that was even more incredible.  This was during one of Eric Schoenberg's in-house concerts at his shop in Tiburon CA.

        It just looks and plays likes loads and loads of fun.