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Thoughts on Vivian Campbell ??


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  • Thoughts on Vivian Campbell ??

    I am very much on the fence about Vivian Campbell.  I mean he has been in some of the biggest rock bands, but I just don't see that he ever contributed much.  Just about every live video of him has been god awful IMO and he comes across as a sloppy and lazy player.  He basically noodled over every classic solo, in many cases just playing a bunch of random junk with some key notes thrown in here and there.  If you compare Doug Aldrich's playing with Dio versus Vivian's, it is like night and day.  Even Craig Goldy seems to have had a better handle on playing Dio songs live.

    For the longest time I put these thoughts about Vivian aside mainly because of his work on Holy Diver and Last in Line (2 of the greatest rock albums IMO).  But I recently read that most of the songs for Holy Diver were written prior to Vivian joining the band.  Not sure if he just contributed the solos or what.  The solos on both albums were amazing so kudos to him if he wrote them. 

    Any thoughts on the man or his contribution to the world of rock?  

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    He's obviously a competent journeyman guitarist who constantly gets work.   Is he the greatest guitarist who ever lived?  No.  But he's made his contributions to the greater rock pantheon, which is more than most of us wankers can say.


    • Mav64
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      Loved him in Dio, indifferent to him in Leppard. Never heard Riverdogs or any of his solo stuff...

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    Vivian Campbell = Zzzzzzzz

    He thinks he's great and maybe that's all that matters

    Def Leppard never got the shot in the arm it needed to bring the scorching rock guitar sound back.

    As great as Phil Collen is at covering the bases he just doesn't murder a guitar

    and Steve Clark murdered guitars to the ground


    • jimash
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      As great as Phil Collen is at covering the bases he just doesn't murder a guitar

      and Steve Clark murdered guitars to the ground"


       He was loose and thrashed it. That is where the "Rock" is. Or maybe the "Roll". It's definitely one of them.

    • The Burninator
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      studdhuss wrote:

      Def Leppard never got the shot in the arm


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    IO've never been a real fan, although he's a countryman of mine, I enjoyed hgis solo blues album, although it was nothing extraprdinary, but his recent stint with Scott Gorhams Thin Lizzy did him a bucket full of favours, he stepped his game up quite a lot and seemed to be having a good time, maybe he's yet to find his niche?

    Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. - Plato


    • harold heckuba
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      I thought all of the other Dio guitarists were better.  One underrated Dio guitarist, IMO, 

      was a guy named Rowan Robertson.

    • JoeBoy
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      Saw him live once with White Snake. The man has some real talent. I saw him on the tele/TV with Def and was like wtf? He is a utility player and rises or falls to the need at the time. If you ever work with a utility player, you will learn to love them.

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    I like his work with Dio, but other than that. ..I really can't stand Def Leppard. :robotfrustrated: 


    • larryguitar
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      Seriously, the Riverdogs is likely the closest VC ever got to being able to play what he wants-not doing the 'Dio thing' or having to be Def Lepard'y.