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My favourite bridge (what's yours?)

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  • My favourite bridge (what's yours?)

    ...is this style:


    i can't think of a better functioning hardtail bridge in terms of tone, adjustability, intonatability


    What bridges do you guys like? You can include trems, but I got fed up with them all years ago. 


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    ffs doesn't seem possible to upload an image to this new forum?


    • Marko
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      ffs doesn't seem possible to upload an image to this new forum?



      Just right click on the pic, copy, then paste it right into the post window. 



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    My favorite Bridge

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    For anything with a Bigsby or Trapeze tailpiece then my favorite is a Compton


    My favorite Tremolo bridge would e a Hipshot US Contour


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      Hmmmm, that bridg does seem pretty solid.

      All my favorite guitars have tune-o-matic style bridges, even my CP Jazzmaster.
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        tonepros tune-o-matic


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          Hamer Sustainblock