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I ordered a Carvin Speaker

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  • I ordered a Carvin Speaker

    I got it to put in my old 1-15 Carvin extension cab to match impedence with my 71 Bassman head. Guitar/Bass dual purpose was the idea.  It replaced an 8ohm 400w EV, which was stock in the old early 90s cab I bought used.

    Surprise! It has a Celestion sticker on it. Wonder if this is a special run by Celestion for Carvin or is a rebranding of one of their regual model? No mention of Celestion in the published info. Anybody know? 

    PS 15-4 bass speaker for $69


    Rear-vented. 400W @ 4 ohms. 56 oz magnet structure, 10 pounds net weight.

    Sounds great anyway. Pbass has a nice warm growl and the guitars sound warm and huge, like a Bassman should.


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    Wow, smoking deal, good for you!  Most importantly, it sounds good.

    The distance from the highest line on your wrist to the tip of your middle finger is the exact length of what?


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      I have a Carvin cab with Carvin branded Celestions. I don't know if they are made special for Carvin but they are V30s basically with a Carvin sticker on them. They sound geat.
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      • JoeBoy
        JoeBoy commented
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        They used to have Celestion Special Run Speakers listed in their Catalog. I bought 2 12" Carvin Celestions for my Peavey Classic a few years ago. Made that amp really move up in the rotation. I got them on closeout for around $100 shipped.

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      I really don't give a hoot who made it or who designed it. I got a good sounding high power woofer for $69 that seems to be an excellent match for this old cab. I just thought it interesting it had a Celestion sticker on it but Carvin didn't mention that in the ad cover.


      • 1001gear
        1001gear commented
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        Not many Carvin speaker fights are there? They make credible drivers and cabs IMO and they carried greenbacks around the turn of the century; no doubt a continuing association. The price on the greenbacks was plenty good but BFD AFAIC.  I had already bought BR 12s - (had EV 12s and could not cope) and they sounded plenty guitar amp enough. I can't see Celestion mattering as a bass driver mfger though. Punchy and durable as opposed to a particular sound or breakup is what counts.