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ANyone have a Ibanez Proline PL1770?

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  • ANyone have a Ibanez Proline PL1770?

    Ultimate GAS came up today for one, must buy immediately. What are your thoughts on them??

    Do you have one to sell
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    Yes I have an Ibanez PL 1770 in Black. I bought back in 1987. Made in Japan, Terada plant April, 1986.

    This guitar has the Edge tremlo,(Floyd Rose) Adler body; Maple neck; Ebony fret board; 22 frets; with the pu pre set system. Black in color. I have owned this guitar for 26 years, great guitar, but I'm a Les Paul guy now, not a speed demon from the 80's any more. Here is my Email to respond. arkangelband2011@hotmail.com




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      That was my second "good" guitar I bought in 1987. It was very easy to play and had decent tone. The pickup switching system stopped working on a few occasions...they could have achieved the same thing with a simple toggle switch for the middle pickup.


      I still have the pickups but I somehow managed to lose the body in one of many moves in my 20's.  The neck (oil finished) twisted badly after about 3 years so that was tossed.