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suggestions for what to buy with $1000

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  • suggestions for what to buy with $1000

    so i have about $1000 to blow on something for myself, and i'm thinking it might be a guitar, but i'm not sure what i'd like apart from something slightly different to what i already have, this is my current collection. Feel free to suggest anything as wild as possible. 


    my collection

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    Nice guitars needs nice amp(s) or a pedal or 3

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      My vote would be for a 15th Anniversary Reverend Flatroc 

      It's available in a variety of metal flake finishes for $899.   

      My next choice would be a Hanson Firenze II for under $700


      • Floyd Rosenbomb
        Floyd Rosenbomb commented
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        Sell maybe 6 guitars, and put that in the kitty towards a motorcycle.

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      I would suggest getting a really nice amp.

      If you want a guitar, then how about a nice acoustic?
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        I second an amp.
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           A good amp is first. If you already have one try thisdaen guitar

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            +1 for a good amp.  If that's already covered, I'd say upgrade your Strat.  But that's just me. :robotwink:


            P.S. - That Dean Resonator is HOT!

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            this'll stand out in that crowd....



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            • Marko
              Marko commented
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              Very nice selection you

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            a bass

            do you have any way to record?


            • billybilly
              billybilly commented
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              As others have stated Woodsy, you have a lot of bases covered and some cool axes.  I can't see an acoustic though... Recently, I bought an Eastman 320 ($700 with case) acoustic.  I've been loving it and they are not much more expensive than they would be in the states.  I was put onto them by the acoustic forum and went to an acoustic guitar store and it sounded better than the $2000 acoustics, no ****************. Just a thought anyway...

              As for amps, I don't know what you have but its worth having more than one given the guitars you have.

            • BG76
              BG76 commented
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              Doesn't sound like you even know if you want to buy a guitar.

              I would stick the money in the bank until you come across something you really, really want.


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            If it was me, A nice acoustic/electric would fit in just fine in a collection like that. And you might even have a little cash left over for strings or something.