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Anyone know about G&B co pickups?


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  • Anyone know about G&B co pickups?

    I was taking an SG apart, and came across some pickups.
    They're chrome covered, wax potted, 5 conductor with G & B co stamped into the back plate (which is brass) any ideas you wise people?

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    I have a pair of G&B humbuckers that came stock in a Raven PRS copy. I remember really liking the way they sounded (this was several years ago). They're a Korean company, the Raven website had a blurb about them at one time.
    Originally Posted by mike moriarty

    Looks like an amp for old people.

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    If the world didn't suck, we would fall off.

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    kudos to Furtive for a clear and well-reasoned discussion. so rare to see something that has been thought through and presented rationally.


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      They come stock in PRS SE's.
      I like mine.
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        So they're used in other guitars. But where do they originate? What the hell is used in them?


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          Just a cheap brand of pups, man. Not too shabby, wouldn't be surprised if they were built side by side GFS pups.


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            Are they wax potted?