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Feb 2013 Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>> NoSpamAllowed <<READTHIS


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  • Feb 2013 Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>> NoSpamAllowed <<READTHIS

    Post all hot deals here, but no SPAM. SPAM is for the other thread. This is for insane blow out deals that you find online and want to share with your fellow GASsers.

    If you see a blowout on Music123 on Les Pauls for $99, yes, this is where you post that info, etc.

    You can post eBay links you see too, but the eBay links have to be Buy It Nows, not something that is at $1 and still has 10 days left in the auction.

    The RULES:



    Last month we tried a separate discussion thread, but it's just too cumbersome to have a separate thread, so there won't be one anymore.

    From my observations, the majority of people like to talk about the deals in order to decide if they want to buy something. There's typically just a few loud members constantly complaining about the discussions. As long as the discussions are related to the item in question, then the discussion can stay in this thread. If someone starts whining and causes a big flame war about "too much talking" they are going to get a temp ban. Everybody participating in any flame war in this thread will get a temp ban. Just behave yourselves! There is more to life than this internet thready thing.

    3) All new deals must be posted in RED! Or at least the TITLE OF THE DEAL.

    That will help people be able to filter though the pages of discussion and the actual deal posts will pop right out.

    4) Your personal SPAM is not allowed in this thread. If you post SPAM in here, you will get a temp ban. Then no one will be able to buy your crappy gear.

    I repeat - NO SPAM in this thread. That means NO TRADES, NO OFFERS, no selling or getting rid of your own stuff. There's one SPAM thread already for that stuff.

    And as, alway: there is no whining, bitching, complaining or tantrums allowed in this thread. This thread is only for discussing the hot deals. If you missed a hot deal or you hate Musicians Friend, post about it in an outside thread.

    If you buy something in the hot deals thread, and you love it, or hate it, or it bit you in the ass, then post a separate thread about it, this thread ain't for heated discussion.

    Bring em if ya got em!

    Please, no political discussions.

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    NEA Klon Klone

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    Wow -- five days into the month and no Great Deals yet...  

    You have the right to free speech, as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it. -- Joe Strummer


    • bsman
      bsman commented
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      Amazon has the  TC Harmony G XT for $218 -- pretty decent savings (usually $260-280):

    • nomadh
      nomadh commented
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      Well there is always rondomusic.com for deals.  Nothing particular going on right now but compared to the rest of the world they have some amazing deals.  Where else can you get an ash bodied strat copy for <$95.

      Check it out if you haven't.

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    Marshall MG4 restock Cabinet 163. with todays 14% off code





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      B stock LP from rondo. $99

      But you couldn't last a lifetime.


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      New MF SDOTD



      ESP Viper 330 Black $229.99


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      Perris Leathers Strap for $8.82.



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      • GAS Man
        GAS Man commented
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        98 les paul wrote:

        Perris Leathers Strap for $8.82.



        I bought 3 different colors recently of that strap.  Haven't used them yet, but the quality seems pretty good.  I frankly didn't have any "garment leather" style straps.  But be careful, the NWS555-B above is actually a dark blue not black.  I expected the "B" meant black, but no-o, it stands for that other "B" color

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      Cort Yorktown Hollow body: 



      Cort Source-Cr Hollow Body:



      Schecter Diamond-J Electric Bass:



      Cort Cr100-Crs:



      G&L Tribute L-2000 Bass:



      Cort CR100-BK:



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      • nomadh
        nomadh commented
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        Sure isnt much going on this month.  Anybody get something good with their MF eGiftcard money?  I picked up an ibanez acoustic bass as a b stock repair for $85 and it looks to be very good so far.  They seemed to mistake the electronic tuner mentioned for the tuner at the string and then missed the broken string as the real issue.  Just a heads up to keep an eye on the used and damaged equip at MF.  Anyone else get something with their eCert money?

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      Anyone have a MF 20% off code they aren't going to use? Donate it to s worthy cause. ...me. thank you
      GOOD People to deal with : PunkKitty, LostGoonie,Cratz2,Albala, Ball&Chain,


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        Wanderoo222, use code PREZDAY99 for 20% off orders over $699. Ends 2/18.
        Originally Posted by FreekishBluesFX

        I enjoy a lady with a nice pair of slacks and a turtle neck. No make-up....when I peek under the hood I like to be a little surprised, call me old fashion.


        • johnnytuinals
          johnnytuinals commented
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          I agree that the MF 20% off coupon is a nice deal.But I really cannot find many deals on guitars

          Only deal I can find is a $999 Gibson Flying V with Hardshell case at ZZounds and with their 10%off with useing (FROSTY2012} coupon make the Guitar $900.

          And Having MF match that price and use the 20% email coupon that we got makes the price around $719.

          If I didnot buy one in Dec of 2012 I would be buying a White one instead on the Red with case.............JT



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        Re: 20% off coupon.

        Thanks everyone. Got one.
        GOOD People to deal with : PunkKitty, LostGoonie,Cratz2,Albala, Ball&Chain,


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        Did you get it for less than 3 bills by any chance? I look at the used MIMs at MF from time to time and wonder what kind of condition they are really in. That would be a great deal though.

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        • Marko
          Marko commented
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          Chicago Music Exchange - 14% off all new gear, good all day Valentine

        • buckethead99
          buckethead99 commented
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          EJ_Boy wrote:
          Did you get it for less than 3 bills by any chance? I look at the used MIMs at MF from time to time and wonder what kind of condition they are really in. That would be a great deal though.

          Oh hell yea! It was probably a mistake by them but thats the way it goes..Maple neck and just a minor ding

          for 2 bills.|

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        Well from what I saw at namm 2013 if you are into fast metal guitars dean is killing it! The one guitar was 599 it was set neck with the carved back easy reach heel joint binding on body neck and headstock active emg's abalone inlays with a carved top body. For something like that to be 599 new is great it reminded me of schecter guitars really but you will not get one of those used for that price


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        February 15th - Musician's Friend SDOTD

        ESP LTD EC-1000T/CTM Traditional Custom Electric Guitar Faded Cherry Sunburst for $549.99


        DV016\_Jpg\_Large\_H71362.003\_faded\_cherry\_sunb  urst.jpg

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        Johnson SO-610-T-NA Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar White Wood 39.99 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid/


        • Ultrastick
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          Hey Songman68 & McCain, I'm looking forward to some guitar reviews. Your new axes look nice!

        • fiockthis
          fiockthis commented
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          buckethead99 wrote:
          Johnson SO-610-T-NA Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar White Wood 39.99 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid/

          Any idea how this Johnson compares with a Starcaster?

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        Two Planet Waves NS Mini headstock tuners for $25 (+shipping), less a 10% instant discount.  This is supposed to be an improved version.  I've got three of the first version, which work great for guitar or bass, and typically run $20-ish each.



        • Morganbich
          Morganbich commented
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          "I tried removing the the logo with some nail polish remover but the black came off with it. :smileyhappy:.png" />"


          Sweet...Thanks i have been looking for a Stratish thing to drop a Dual  Rail sinlgle coil sized humbucker I have hanging around and I am not a Strat guy (but like  EB Musicman) and this has two features the MM's use direct mount pups and 2 point trems

          and the other two pickups look nice!