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Which one of these guitars would you rather own?


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  • Which one of these guitars would you rather own?

    EVH Wolfgang Special with Floyd

    2013 Gibson SG Standard with 57 CLassics

    Both guitars are about the same price. I know they are apples and oranges. I just want to know which one this board favors out of curiosity. Thinking about buying one or the other. :catfrustrated:

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    SG for sure
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      Since when are they doing a small 61 reissue pickguard on the SG standard??

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      Based on what you've said about your musical style, the SG sounds like a natural fit.  I'm not a huge fan of the EVH guitars but Fender's picked up its QC in the past 4 years so that's an argument for the Wolfgang. 

      Put me down for a solid "I don't know." :robottongue:

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        I'd take the SG and have it refretted w/ SS at some point.  It's so iconic, and love the tone of an SG.  The wolfgang is cool too, though, I definitely wouldn't mind that.

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      The EVH fo sho, elegant, simple and classy

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        Clapton's SG tone with Cream is iconic for me. I'd get the SG.


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          I hated SGs when I was younger. Now I dig 'em.

          I was into Charvels when I was younger.  I still have an affection for them, and for that reason, I like everything about the Wolfie except the body shape.  It's just a bastardization of the earlier Ernie Ball and Peavey body types, which IMO were superior to this one (although flawed themselves). I do give them credit for their finishes and the archtops, which look very nice.  The matte black finish with the Les Paul-like binding looks great to me.

          The main thing I don't like about the Wolfie bodies is how far back the playing position is. There's no place for my forearm to sit, so it feels wrong.  I like a lot of wood in back of the bridge, and I like the playing position of the SG.  Makes more sense to me.

          I prefer the SG, although in the 80s I wouldn't get caught dead saying that.

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          • Patuney
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            SG, just because 57 classics are my favorite pickup.

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          of those two, the SG. I'm not a floyd fan, although I do love the look of a maple fretboard! The hardtail of the SG wins out.
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          • kl285528
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            I'll pile on . SG by a mile.

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          SG by a long shot.
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