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What is your favorite brand and gauge of electric strings ????

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  • What is your favorite brand and gauge of electric strings ????

    What is your favorite brand and gauge of electric strings for your geetar ????

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    String dog 10s


    • Strung_Out
      Strung_Out commented
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      Depends on my guitar, Fender's get Fender super bullets in .10s, Gibson's GHS boomers in .10s.

    • soundcreation
      soundcreation commented
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      My favorite?  Ernie Ball regular slinky 10's.


      But what I actually use are Elixer Nanoweb 10's.   The EB's just don't last long enough where I live. 

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    • gardo
      gardo commented
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      D'addario Nickel Wound 10's  

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    Either GHS or Snake Oil Brand 11-50 sets on my 25.5" scale guitars.  GHS 12-52 on my 24.75" guitars, and GHS 13-56 on my Godin 5th Avenue (it just sounds better).  I'm trying DR Blues 11-50 on my 50's RW Strat because GHS Nickel Rockers are a PITA to find in stores. 

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      EB greens, on everything.
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        D'adario .009s on my Fenders, .0095s on everything else.


        • humbuckerstrat
          humbuckerstrat commented
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          I used GHS Boomers LXLs (10-38 gauge) for a couple of years, but i graduated from them to D'Addario EXL 10-46 gauge on my 25.5" scale Strat-style guitars. Now i can palm-mute whereas before the low E was too light to palm mute for some reason.


          And on my 24 and 3/4" hollowbody I use D'Addario 11s.

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        Ernie Ball Slinky 9s. I use to play with 10s, but I found the switch made playing easier without any perceptible (to me) loss of tone.
        I agree mostly though I would argue that thicker strings have a noticeably more percussive quality.

        That said I use 10s bc I prefer the feel.
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        Knowledge is not wisdom
        Wisdom is not truth
        Truth is not beauty
        Beauty is not love
        Love is not music.
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        • J-E-M
          J-E-M commented
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          D'Addario EXL 110 (10-46). I've never broken a D'Addario string. I've tried other brands (GHS, Dean Markley, Ernie Ball...) but they're not tough enough, they can't withstand the ultimate power of my right hand.

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        D'Addario 11s with a wound 3rd (I prefer a wound .018, which I have to buy in bulk - still D'Addario).
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        There are two sets I enjoy using right now. One is the D'Addario 0.14 - 0.68 and the other is the GHS Boomers 0.11 - 0.50.

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          not hung up on brands much. I use Ernies, Daddarios, and Rogue labeled Gibsons. My gauges for standard are 11-13-17-26-36-44
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            In terms of brands, I'm all over the place. I've used all kinds, and I've never been especially loyal to any one brand.

            With string gauge, though, I don't stray very far from the norm. I put .010s on my Gibsons, .009s on my Fenders. I'm a bit dull that way, but that's what feels right to me. I went up a gauge with my Strats for a few years, and they felt a bit off. Never quite got the hang of them. When I went back to .009s, they felt much better. I'm staying with those.

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            • kl285528
              kl285528 commented
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              Ernie Ball slinky 10s. Tried others, and keep coming back

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            Dean Markley Blue Steel


            Elixir Nano Web  (for when I expect to be lazy about changing strings)

            Medium gauge for my guitar set for rhythm and Light gauge for my lead.

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