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Wow....nothing but tumbleweeds in here......


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  • Wow....nothing but tumbleweeds in here......

    I pretty much stopped coming here after the latest forum software disaster and decided to pop in today to see how things were going.  It's like a damn ghost town in here.  I can hear the wind whistling, the vultures cawing, tumbleweeds rolling past....

    They really killed this place.  The "deals" thread would usually be up to at least 10 or 15 pages by now.  Instead it has, what, 4 or 5 posts?  

    Current threads started the same day would get pushed to the 2nd or 3rd page because of all the new thread activity.  Now there are threads from days ago still on the first page.

    So, since everyone seemed to flee this place like rats from a sinking ship, and understandably so, where did everyone move to?   I miss reading and talking about gear, checking out all the great deals people found, etc...   Is there a new gathering ground?

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    Yeah, see the "It is sad" thread directly below this one that was just posted with the last hour.

    The Deals threads are definitely slower, but the March deal thread didn't get posted until yesterday so that accounts for part of the super low post count.

    I don't know where everyone went.


    • ElectricEye
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      People got fed up with the horrific re-designs. While the current one is better than it was the week it was debuted, they scared a lot of people away. Whoever runs this site is clueless. With every re-design, they've chased a LOT of people away. The current design sucks pretty bad.

      As my dad likes to say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." A bunch of techies should take that phrase to heart.

    • Special J
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      I think you'll see this place repopulate eventually. It may take some time. There are people coming out of the woodwork who seemingly haven't posted here in a long time, so who knows. There are still a few really good posters here.

      Mark Wein's forum has picked up a lot of the lost souls from here and Guitar Jam, it seems. It's a pretty cool hang over there. Hopefully it doesn't turn into just another GJ.

      I'm sure some have migrated to TGP. 



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    guitarman3001 wrote:

    ...They really killed this place.  The "deals" thread would usually be up to at least 10 or 15 pages by now.  Instead it has, what, 4 or 5 posts? 

    To be fair, the Deals Thread was typically an un-moderated morass of discussions, bickering, and verbal sparring.  Those "10 or 15" page threads probably contained a net four to six pages of quotes, multi-quotes, signatures, and emoticons ...


    • cybersecretary
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      yeah i like the old layout  but hey i finall got back to see  how my friends are doing..

      how are you doing friends!


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    Welcome back, cybersecretary! Feel free to start some new discussion threads and get this place hopping again.
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