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Start your weekend with a little Jungle Jangle!


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  • Start your weekend with a little Jungle Jangle!

    Video is back up and working.

    Here's my latest soon to be Grammy-nomiated (yeah, right) song featuring a pair of Rickenbacker 360's and, of course, a Vox amp, in this case an AC15 H1TV (or something like that)

    I hope you enjoy it. I had fun daisy chaining three--count 'em--THREE compressor pedals and an MXR graphic EQ in order to get some righteous jangle from my 12 stringer. I didn't go quite as extreme as I could have, but you'll hear the 360/12 pumping its little heart out in a couple of sections.

    Lead guitar was the 360/6 which you rarely hear as a lead instrument. Of course I added all kinds of effects and Pro Tools fairy dust which probably did more harm than good. The bass is a Chinese Hofner Beatle Bass that has positively atrocious intonation anywhere past the 5th fret. I think I'm gonna spring for a proper Hofner soon.

    Rock on!


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    Sounds nice. Your piece has a St. Patricks vibe to it. May I recommend a JangleBox compressor? Takes my cheapo Danelectro 12 string to a higher place. You might enjoy what it does for your Rick.



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      I've had my eye on the Jangle Box for awhile, but I'm not sure I play my Rick 12 enough to justify the cost.

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    Sounds great to me, thanks dor posting!

    The guitars have a really great blend.
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      That's nice Jeff. I thought I could hear a little bit of Wishbone Ash woven into the melody - what they might have done if they'd used Rics instead of a Strat and a V.

      As for processing, it's very full and smooth sounding, with seemingly perfect tuning and not raw at all. That might be why it was taken as being over-processed
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        Mcguinn also used a treble boost and you clip need a bit of highs or high mids to get that Byrd sound.