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Hot or Not? March 14th


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  • Hot or Not? March 14th

    Nelson Coquette


    New, Blonde, 2 handmade pickups, 
    neck-thru body, 24.75" scale, 9.5" radius, quarter sawn hard maple neck,
    Nelson "Rhythm Chief" pickups, Anodized aluminum guard
    Gotoh 15:1 tuners, Nitro-cellulouse lacquer finish, hsc
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    It would be even hotter with some different cosmetic choices, though I'm not exactly sure which ones ...


    • Tone Deaf
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      Guitar...not hot.

      But the amp? Hell yeah!!!

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    The body looks like a badly drawn tulip.

    It is not what you play, but THAT you play.


    • J-E-M
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      Not hot - ultimately fugly.

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    A solid 'meh.'  Shaving the horns to make the higher frets more accessible would help a lot, plus another volume and tone control.  The pickguard needs to be smaller; right now it makes the guitar look unbalanced.  Oh yeah, and place the output jack on the side. 

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      reminds me of this



      the amp is pretty hot in a don draper kind of way. Fix the ears and the guitar could be hot too.

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        Ugh. I'm not sure what I hate most about that.


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          That guitar has taken a severe beating from an ugly stick.png" alt=":smileysad:" title="Smiley Sad" />

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          • Marko
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          High school wood shop project gone wrong.
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          • blind radish
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            not for me ...