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Floyd Rose tremolo cavities


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  • Floyd Rose tremolo cavities

    Hey everyone. I am about to have a custom guitar body built. I will be putting a Schaller Floyd Rose in it. The dude told me that he only has trem routs for some of the Ibanez Edge trems, Gotoh, and the Original Floyd Rose. Will a Schaller fit any of these? Im thinking it should fit the original Floyd Rose trem rout just fine. I mean since it smaller than the original.

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    The Schaller is slightly wider (92mm) at the base than the OFR (90) or Gotoh Floyd (91), not by a lot, but enough to matter.

    Is there any reason why you don't just use an OFR or a Gotoh, since this guy has the routing templates for them?

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      The reason I am using a Shaller is because I currently have one on the guitar I am using. I will be using this Schaller for the new guitar. Now are the distances between the knife edges also wider? Or is it just the distance between the very edges of the trem?